About us

Architectural Design Center is a hub design department that plays a leading role in Shing & Partners. It is the critical joint department which gives architecture scheme the Key joint that can be implemented and materialized.

One-stop professional services

Our team consists of a large number of registered architects and senior building engineers, to provide customers with the entire process design services, including planning approval, monomer construction, preliminary design, special construction, construction drawings built, construction design and site services. In addition, it also provides green building design, construction and energy-saving design, and other building sustainability analysis. Our performances are covered by high-rise and ultra-high-rise residential, villas, high-rise and ultra-high-rise office buildings, educational buildings, hotels, commercial complexes and other numerous categories.

Overall design

We emphasize the perfect combination of architecture implementation and program ideas, letting it play a leading role in the building professionals. Every detail reflects the reasonable demand of building, structure, equipment, interior decoration, as well as landscaped, and building a unified and harmonious whole.

Idea pursuit

For each project, we take requirements, geographical features, economy and art into the whole consideration. Good at summing up, committed to innovation, respect for the environment, attention to sustainable development. Customer satisfaction is our consistent pursuit!